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Northwoods was first brought together in 2015, by a group of veterans of the Italian underground scene. The members of the band aimed to create something original – fierce, beautiful and honest, in order to contribute back to the pantheon of the great and timeless music that shaped the Italian hardcore scene. Their self-titled debut EP was released in 2016 and soon after the band began what would grow be substantial touring of the material with a strong and memorable live set. The band will release their album Wasteland in June through ShoveBrigante and Mothership Records.

A reflection of the band’s diverse background, Wasteland draws influence as much from the frenzied and chaotic sound of Converge, Botch and Swedish cult band Breach, as it does the fury and melody of noise rock in the vein of Unsane. Wasteland brings something original to the table with a sound that is at once aggressive and honest.

Have a listen to the track ‘City 40’ below. The band comments: “City 40 is based on Samira Goetschel’s documentary of the same name, which is about a city called Ozersk, the birthplace of the Soviet nuclear weapons programme after the Second World War. This city is now one of the most contaminated places on Earth. City 40 used to be wrapped in a veil of secrecy and its inhabitants were told they were ‘the nuclear shield and saviours of the world’, and that everyone on the outside was an enemy. While the majority of the Soviet population were suffering from famine and living in abject poverty, the authorities created a paradise for these residents, providing them with lives of privilege and some luxury. The city was built next to the Mayak nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Irtyash though, and for years the Soviet Union’s political and scientific leadership withheld the effects of extreme exposure to radiation on the health of the city’s inhabitants, and their future offspring. Either consciously or unconsciously, the population traded an high standard of living with various kinds of contaminations. The lyrics hence speak of fear, control and subjugation. Such themes are strongly connected to the title “Wasteland”: as the title of the album suggests, the overall album concept is desolation; in this case, the desolation of a land, a dead city where the inhabitants live in a state of affliction and solitude. Musically, the song is particularly groovy and oppressive. Definitely the darkest track of our new album.”


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