Demetra Sine Die’s third full-length album marks a further development from A Quiet Land of Fear, moving deeper into psychedelic, post fueled, sludge driven hallucinations. Including blackened/death overtures and krautrock elements amongst many other influences, the new opus Post Glacial Rebound will be out on June 24th 2018 on Third I Rex.

Ahead of the release we are bringing you this monster of a track taken from the new album, ‘Stanislaw Lem’. 

“”Stanislaw Lem” is a tribute to a great writer and innovator. The reading of Solaris, in particular, has inspired the lyrics, the crescendo, and the mood of the song. It’s the opening track for “Post Glacial Rebound” and we see it as split in two sections. The opening one, with a pulsating bass line that takes you through atmosphere and leaves you after a while alone in space, and the second one, which detaches from the first by its apocalyptic tone. Especially on this second part, we felt really excited about the wonderful and glacial vocals provided by Tom Stearn from the band Kettle of Kites.” say the band of the track. Have a listen.


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