Failure by Aerosol Jesus

Release date: April 24, 2018
Label: Astral Noize

Do you like your music heavy, dark and dripping with passion? Then Failure by Aerosol Jesus is very worthy of your time. Sprouting from the musical hotspot of Brighton and combining musicians of numerous other bands this debut EP lies somewhere in the realms of darkened post-hardcore sludge; it is heavy, negative, expansive and cathartic. Whilst that list of genres may conjure up a number of copycat bands Aerosol Jesus do more than enough to display their individuality.

The press release suggested a similarity to Abominable Iron Sloth and Will Haven and I would add Birds In Row, Love Sex Machine, Black Sheep Wall and Admiral Angry to that list. Whilst you can pick out a few similarities in the music Aerosol Jesus adds its own twist with brutal honesty in the lyrical content. It is hard to convey the power of the lyrics by writing them down in a review where there is no real context with the music and delivery; but you really do believe the vocalist when he bellows “No-one will remember me, because I’m useless” on opening track ‘Legacy’. This isn’t emotional whining or self-pity, the roaring delivery and the musical bombardment has you in the trenches of a real battle and you are willing the vocalist on to win.

When lyrics are so stark the music needs to match that strength to be of relevance. On this count Aerosol Jesus make no mistake. ‘Legacy’ has a slow burning start that leads into a section of light stretching crescendos before a mammoth wall of noise is somehow pushed through the speaker cables. There is a mix of heavy and very heavy throughout the EP, ‘Here Is Not Here’ and ‘Lurch Leech Grasp’ don’t let up in their slow thunderous movements. ‘The Inbetween’ has a scorching monologue before the song descends into thick abrasive bass induced cleansing.

Failure feels like the musical equivalent of getting a deep tissue massage, often you need to go through some more pain to get a release from your initial burden. The sheer ferocity of each track both musically and lyrically pulls you in deeply, unburdens you and sends you away feeling revived. It really is an emotional dumping ground, a wasteland of barren, dark musical emotions. This is the new soundtrack to your bad times, let it draw you in and release your frustration.

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