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After 2 self-released albums on their own Offerandum label (Solitary Echo and Ionesco), the band crossed its path with Consouling Sounds, and in 2013 they released their critically acclaimed A Sign of Time. Lots of gigs, rehearsals and 4 years of time lead to their successor Sassuma ArnaaMaudlin‘s new roaring beast will unleash its fury on February 23rd of 2018 (Order here). Just like its predecessors, Sassuma Arnaa has shaped up to be a conceptual album. The album ended up being a very personal album for all the band members, as the sea ebbs and flows through all the tracks. After all, everyone in Maudlin grew up less than 2km from the shores of their beloved North Sea. The Sea is lyrically thematized as its own antagonist: it gives and takes, it beats and anoints. Its beauty always in stark contrast to its brutality.

All together they managed to push the boundaries and transformed Maudlin into a psychedelic progrock doom influenced band that is reminiscent to Alice In Chains with a brush of Porcupine Tree left and right, all dipped in a Hawkwind sauce. With this album under their belt Maudlin is ready, more than ever, to leave an overwhelming impression on every stage — something they have been known for ever since their very first gig. Singer/guitarist Jasper Bullynck (Oscar & The Wolf) and drummer Davy Vanden Broecke (The Spectors) may have roamed the stages of Europe, with this next step in the evolution of Maudlin, they’ll surely make some heads turn in the underground scene too.

Watch the new video for the title track here:

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