On April 27th Midas Fall release their 4th album Evaporate through Monotreme Records and it is absolutely stunning. A breathtaking mix of impassioned, emotive vocals performances set to intense post rock soundscapes, it is sure to make many end of year lists.

Ahead of the release we asked Elizabeth & Rowan to pick the three records that inspired them to make such incredible music.

Catch them on tour next month:

04/05 Evil Eye, Liverpool
05/05 Cavern, Exeter
06/05 The Vault, Leicester
08/05 The Star Inn, Guildford
09/05 Aatma, Manchester
10/05 Bannermans, Edinburgh
11/05 13th Note, Glasgow 

Sigur Ros – ( ) – Elizabeth Heaton

I feel like this is one of those albums that exists as one entity rather than a collection of songs. It has such a distinct sound and has to be listened from beginning to end. There is something in the soundscapes and textures that grabs at my heart, especially track 4, and listening always makes me want to take a cello bow to my guitar.

The style of singing on this album has definitely influenced my approach to singing, using the voice as another layer in the soundscapes. I think the final epic builder of track 8 will always be my favourite track live.

Garbage – 2.0 – Rowan Burn

I could never articulate, with the depth it deserves, how enormously important this album is to me. At a time when everyone around me listened (almost exclusively) to soulless, disposable pop, I never knew that music could speak to me. Garbage 2.0 changed that.

It took me out of the expectation that, as a thirteen-year-old girl, I should be listening to hollow, shallow, bullshit.

Music worth listening to wasn’t pretty to me; it was hurt, longing, fear and anger. It was ugly.

It’s what made me want to make music. Through teenage Hell, it kept me alive…I was also crushing pretty hard on Shirley Manson, so that addressed a whole other part of me that wasn’t about music!

Aereogramme – My Heart has a wish that you would not go – Elizabeth Heaton

This album came into my life when I was just starting to write the songs for our first album. I heard it in a record shop in Edinburgh and had to know what it was.

I had enjoyed songs from their previous albums and the members subsequent work in the Unwinding Hours, but I really fell in love with this album of mournful pop songs, which became a permanent fixture in my car stereo for about six months. It really just mirrored a time in my life of sadness and hope and for me this album will always hold that sense of nostalgia. 

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