Having had a career that spans over 30 years, Dirk Serries felt the urge to take a moment, and commemorate the past. This gave him the inspiration to make his Epitaph. The result is an album that encompasses 30 years of experimentation and sound crafting. This will be released during the BRDCST event on April 8th, when Consouling Sounds celebrates its 10th anniversary. Epitaph sounds like a final destination point, but it in fact marks the start of the future! 

To mark the occasion we asked Dirk about the 3 records that have been the most influential to him as a developing drone/ambient artist.

Fripp & Eno – (No Pussyfooting)

This is the bible of all drone music, way ahead of its time and of a great influence on my way of sculpting soundscapes, working with loops and ambience. The album for me that really paved the way on how I wanted to create ambient music. Released in 1973 but the music remains fresh, exciting and absolutely relevant. Start here if you want to explore the essence of real drone music.

Morton Feldman – For Bunita Marcus

Huge admirer of Feldman’s music but this album really hits the sweet spot. Extremely minimal but the way how Feldman composed this piece for solo piano is truly breathtaking. Harmonic with the right infuse of dissonance, space and an intelligent use of tempo. This longform piece is never dull, always exciting and very intense. And highly influential on me in my approach to work with dissonance.   Especially now that I’m working with graphic scores and some ensemble pieces.

Dave Holland and Derek Bailey – Improvisations for Cello and Guitar

Derek Bailey’s unique approach to free improvisation and style of guitarplaying has been immensily inspirational. Fascinated by his abstractness, the odd combination of notes and the off-rhythm playing, his music was since day one an important guideline in my own approach to free improvisation on the guitar. This record, released in 1971 on ECM Records, I just recently discovered but instantly made it to one of my favourite records of all time. The interaction, the tonalities they seek and for most of the freedom on how they approach their collaboration is breathtaking. Amazing album and highly recommended if you can find a good copy.

Watch Dirk Serries’ new video for ‘Spectral Grey Walls’, which is the opening track of Epitaph, here:

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