Yet Again by The Switching Yard

Release date: March 30, 2018
Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Saskatoon may not be the first place you think of when it comes to music, but inside its wilderness lies a burgeoning psych scene, which is continually churning out new bands. The ever excellent Cardinal Fuzz have latched on to this for us lucky people outside of Canada, and brought this music to a wider audience. What music it is too, as this superb release from The Switching Yard proves yet again. Is it any wonder that the album is even called Yet Again?

Take the best bits of The Stooges, The Heads and Hawkwind and you have something closely resembling The Switching Yard. A full on explosion of garage based noise, all spaced out riffs and yelped vocals, rarely has music sounded so exciting and invigorating. Listening to this is akin to being taken on a magic carpet ride through a psychedelic filled garage rock land,. It’s loud, trippy, and dangerous, and sounds like it could all just fall apart at any given moment.

After a brief weird opener with ‘Space Fuckin’ the band waste no time in getting down to business as the backs to the wall riff of ‘Champagne Action’ literally throws you against the wall with its intensity. It’s the aural equivalent of having the shit kicked out of you, but in a good way, and leaves you feeling disorientated and ready for anything to pick you back up. Of course, The Switching Yard haven’t quite finished and roll in for round two with ‘Hard Luck’.

It’ not all pedal to the metal though, with the woozy ‘Behind The Gates’ taking its nine minutes or so to take you on a repetitive riff ride. Psychedelic noises swirl around you on a drugged out dirge which finishes the first half of the album off in a way which leaves you feeling completely spaced out. A slight intermission with ‘Space Fuckin II’ offers some respite before the absolute majesty of ‘Hank It’s Midnight’ kicks you right up the backside again

‘Hank’ is a glorious noise which simply urges you to turn the volume up again, although by now you are probably at 11 as it is. It’s one of those moments in music history where you realise the true potential simplicity of guitar, drums and bass, as it tears a hole into the fabric of space and time with it’s furious intensity. This is matched again later on the repetitive riff of ‘Class Act’ which rolls over you like a juggernaut, leaving you completely bereft of air. Rarely does music make you feel so beat up, yet so alive.

For pure unbridled psychedelic energy and fuzz, The Switching Yard have hit the nail on the head with Yet Again. It is a monolithic record which batters your entire being leaving you befuddled, beat up, and joyous. It’s life affirming, noisy, ragged and full of energy, and is an essential buy for anyone inclined towards garage rock and psych. You may feel like you have been run over by a truck after it, but at least you know it has been enjoyable. Feel the power of the Saskatoon psych scene all rolled up into one complete ball of noise right here!

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