Candélabre EP by Candélabre

Release date: March 29, 2018
Label: Solange Endormie Records

Candélabre are a three piece from Toulouse in France: Anthony Herigny (Guitar/Bass/Percussion), Cindy Sanchez (vocals) and Michaël De Almeida (Bass, Keyboards, Percussion). They have been together since 2017 but they’ve been in various bands in Toulouse for years.

This is their first release and judging by the number of times I’ve had it on repeat I’m already looking forward to the next.

Their music is essentially about the interplay of light and dark. The guitars, beats and drones provide the basis of the tracks, which are then brightly illuminated by the melodic vocals. One without the other, and this EP would be good, but together the result is much greater than the constituent parts. It’s magnificent.

Whilst Anthony and Michaël are clearly influenced by the early Cure & the Cocteau Twins, Cindy blends influences of Bjork, Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) & Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and even Sinead O’Connor, lifting each of the tracks to new dimensions.

The first track ‘Ceremony of Shame’ is ideally placed to draw you into this musical melange. A slower number, it serves as a metronome to synchronize your biorhythms with the album. Having done so, the faster ‘Lone Wolf‘ with it’s multiple vocals lifts your pulse and your spirits. You’re now hooked and the other tracks wash over you in a state of bliss.

What now? Let’s play it again…

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