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Since 2013 Taste Of Greed are performing kick-ass melodic thrash metal. The five lads from Hamburg create a raging but virtuous thrash bastard, which is feasting on influences from pure, aggressive music as well as from modern and more progressive sounds. A combination of fingerlicking up-tempo riffs, heavy breakdowns and furious shouts and growls are clashing on piercing melodic parts and double-guitar leads. This meal served is surely not easily digestible at first, but in the end the pure combination of the finest ingredients of the contemporary Metal cuisine whets your appetite and leaves you craving for more!

Taste Of Greed will be releasing their first full-length album Irreversible on the 4th of May through Greedify Records (pre-order here). Below you can listen to the track ‘Pathetic’. Pathetic“ is our “fuck you” going out to all these dickheads ruining our overall well-being for the sake of their own greed. There are so many nowadays and we don’t want to highlight one specific person so just picture any!” 


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