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‘Caduceus Spine’ is the first single from Southern California black metal outfit Anshelm‘s debut full length Through the Burning Glass. Tremolo guitars establish a triumphant melody that leads into dissonant chords, crushing blast beats from drummer Xul, and breathy, seething vocals that are the vehicle for guitarist and vocalist Pyralis’ dark storytelling. Broken up by break downs and a satisfying solo from lead guitarist Iblis, the single is reminiscent of old Bathory and Darkthrone. With a deep appreciation for the classics and contemporary black metal, ‘Caduceus Spine’ will be sure to please black metal fans both old and new. 

Through the Burning Glass will be released on April 5th through Wishful Thinking Art & Recordings and is available for pre-order through here. Listen to ‘Caduceus Spine’ here:

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