Neon Crosses by Leechfeast

Release date: March 30, 2018
Label: Dry Cough Records / Rope Or Guillotine

A band name can say a lot about the kind of music you are about the listen to. Take this band named Leechfeast for example. How should this be interpreted? Do men feast on leeches, or do the leeches themselves having a feast, sucking every last drop of blood out of their unfortunate victims? However the name is meant to be interpreted, it is a horrifying experience either way, which to some of us could be very similar when listening to Neon Crosses the latest release by this Slovenian doom quartet.

There is no beauty on Neon Crosses, just filth. Absolute filth, disgusting, dripping with grease, slowly melting your face during the process of listening to this, evolving your face into a wrinkly, grimacing mass by the end of it. To me and many other doom fanatics, this sounds as beautiful as music can get. This type of slow and punishing doom metal should only result in your face turning into a painful grimace, otherwise the music is simply not to a good enough standard when measured on the filth doom scales.

It is not always easy to explain what drives me and many others to this genre of music. The majority of “normal” people will not finish a long 10 minutes track in this genre, but for a few of us this music is as good as it can get. The combination of those low end rumbling guitars, slow hitting drums, screechy almost blackened vocals are ticking all the boxes of what makes a release like Neon Crosses a very interesting and captivating listen.

For this genre Neon Crosses is not a particularly long listen as it’s “only” around 37 minutes long, which is short when compared to the recent marathon effort Mirror Reaper by fellow genre champions Bell Witch. However, Neon Crosses does grind on slowly and steadily over the span of 4 longish tracks, delivering punishing blow after blow. In this case I actually think the album’s length is spot on as it keeps my attention span well focused, and once the last seconds of the final track ’Razor Nest’ fade out, I’m looking for the repeat button so I can experience this album all over again.

It is not all filth though, as there is even some melody sipping through in some parts as well. From the melodic guitar lines in the third track ‘Tar’ to the almost surprising addition of angelic sounding vocals, which is especially noticeable in the tracks ‘Halogen’ and that last track ‘Razor Nest’. Overall, the production by Pierre Somville is spot on. Everything sounds very crisp and clear, especially the drums, without losing any of its heaviness.

Doom fans would really enjoy listening to Neon Crosses, they would even describe it with words of beauty. In fact, I am convinced this album would go down extremely well in the doom crowd, but I’m sure that regular followers of the labels behind this release, Dry Cough Records in the UK and the somewhat smaller label Rope or Guillotine from the Netherlands, have added this to their wishlist the moment the release was announced.

I just hope these leaches will keep on feasting, as I will keep on feasting on their filth.

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