Acid Cream by Killer Boogie

Release date: February 9, 2018
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

There is something unashamedly retro about fuzz-mongers Killer Boogie, which makes listening to them such a pleasure. Not ones to break the bank when it comes to pushing boundaries, they remain resolutely within a fuzzy late 60’s/early 70’s garage rock manna heaven, dishing out riffs of intense glee that make Blue Cheer sound lame in comparison. Obvious touchstones, along with a host of other Nuggets era bands, Killer Boogie may be Italian, but they sure understand the history of US garage-land.

In fairness, this album can at times pass you by, and depending on your mood at the time you may find it the greatest listen ever or a rather forgettable effort. It takes a certain level of abandonment to slip inside the mindset of this band, but once you do you will find myriad treats in store. The songs may all sound the same on first listen, but over time each reveal their charms.


Best of the bunch is the breakneck gonzoid ‘Escape From Reality’, the space race epic of ‘Atomic Race’, which manages to evoke all manner of lost science fiction TV shows, and the magnificent almost ballad of ‘Let The Birds Fly’, which dissolves into a guitar solo to match all the unleshed wonders of the era. Fun is the name of the game, along with an unhinged smell of weed and acid. The album is not called Acid Cream for no reason.

Elsewhere things dissolve into some forgettable moments although ‘Dino-sour’ retains a certain level of joy beneath it dumb nature. Its funky riff lifting the song above its ridiculous lyrics, but also reminding us that rock and roll was built on such moments as this. It’s a lost art that is long overdue a revival, and shorn of any pretensions, has the ability to lighten up anybody’s day. In what seem to be rather serious times, it is good to see a band revel in their more fun side.

Acid Cream is never going to change the world, and may also slip from your mind after a few months, but for its glorious short life it is destined to lift your spirits high. The fuzz filled riffs may also leave you in another state of highness and that is what it is all about at the end of the day. This is music to live life to the fullest too, and whether you are sober, or high, there is lots here to keep you uplifted for a while. Join the Killer Boogie party and let your hair down for once. You may find that having fun is just what you need.

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