‘The Mantra of The Pleasure Temple’ is the debut teaching brought forward by Sweat and the founding principle of The Pleasure Temple. The eternal words brought forward by Sweat are the most important and simple message;

“Do it. Be it. Sweat. Again.”

This mantra is to be your personal conduit to an inner sanctum of boundless joy. Repeat this Mantra throughout your day to guide your strength, propel high energies and perspire the truth and beauty from within. In this rendition of the Mantra The Pleasure Temple Ritual Band lay a base of motorik noise for Sweat to scream tales of the transformations abound from following the eternal words as Sorèire H. chants the Mantra. Remember children, Do it. Be it. Sweat. Again.

Hyper Rituals is released on the 24th March through Evil Hoodoo and can be pre-ordered here.

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