Norwegian synth-rockers CURVS show their fantastic ability to create eerie yet compelling music with their up-coming debut album ‘Hauntropics’ to be released on March 16 2018 via Fysisk Format. Inspired by stays in the tropics and the inclination to corrupt musical genres, ‘Hauntropics’ was born out of homemade compressors, rare pre amps and echo valves coupled with old drum machines, odd strings and analogue synths from Japan.

Ahead of the album’s release we have ‘Khyper Pass, Pt. 1’ for your listening pleasure. “The Afghan Silk Road meets Berghain in a Curry-western detective haze. Inspired by a mindblowing hike along the Khyber Pass where the driver is an opium farmer on the run, crossing the Afghan borders. The only way to survive is to embrace the halcyon murmurs of sedation or step in to the dark hole of the dancefloor.” Get it in your ears.

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