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Youff embarks on its fourth release Et Cetera. Starting out as a chaotic noiserock duo, this record shows the end of a two way communication. It has grown with the days and still is expanding and evolving in collaborations with other musicians. Et Cetera is a fragmented representation of the art of improvisation and spontaneous energy. Showing a snapshot of a two way cocoon opening up to the input of outsiders. The result of an impulsive burst of anger, frustration, restlessness and boredom. There is no exact story. Just a captured leap forward into the unknown.

They worked out 10 songs mostly based on improvisation, trying to push back the urge to redo a take and leave it with a firsttaker of the impuls idea. Et Cetera is a result of spending a week in a rustic barack, the endless patience of Kasper De Sutter (El Yunque) and the slightly sick open mind of Michiel De Naegel (30.000 Monkies).

Upcoming shows:
22.03 – Leuven (w/ 30.000 monkies)
24.03 – Magasin 4 (w/ 30.000 monkies en Part Chimp) => RELEASE EVENT&
15.04 – Stroomhuis, Eindhoven (w/ Shit And Shine)
27.04 – Worm, Amsterdam
25.05 – JH Comma, Brugge (w/ allochtoon, Maze)

Et Cetera is released on March 23, listen to the album in full here:


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