We love The Oscillation. 2015’s Beyond The Mirror was one of our favourites of that year & we have been keenly following Demian Castellanos’ work ever since.

Castellanos is an almost-mythical force in the London underground. Since 2006, under the guise of The Oscillation, Demian has released four LPs, countless EPs/singles and played with everyone from Silver Apples and Beak to Wooden Shjips and Deerhunter.

Following on from the disillusioned, cosmic psych-punk of 2016’s Monographic and the 2017 single ‘Evil In the Tree’, The Oscillation is gearing up for the release of his fifth album, U.E.F, on March 2nd via Fuzz Club Records. The new album sees Castellanos completely subvert his sound once-again, adding a new evolution to his ever-evolving musical canon. Ditching any inkling of his ‘rock’ beginnings for a lysergic (but equally sinister) journey into post-apocalyptic electronics and sprawling drones – resulting in something that’s more likely to be bouncing around the walls of club nights than the back-room venue of grotty bars. Treat your ears & have a listen.


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