Why Not Every Night by Acid Cannibals

Release date: March 16, 2018
Label: At War With False Noise

Channeling the spirit of the mighty Motörhead with a hefty dose of Stooges/MC5 punk energy and some seriously riff heavy stoner rock vibes, Glasgow’s Acid Cannibals are up for a party with their debut EP Why Not Every Night and they don’t care who’s not into it, nothing’s going to stop their chaotic noise.

The band are consisted of James T. McKay who’s also in psychedelic wonders The Cosmic Dead alongside Robert Marley, a mainstay of the underground Glasgow hardcore and powerviolence scenes. The background that both of these musicians have collides in their new band and the results are explosive.

This debut flies by in a state of emergency and vivacity and you will barely pause for breathe as they blast through four tracks in ten minutes and the infectious nature of their music will captivate you even further. In their own words, Acid Cannibals are fuelled by Buckfast and vegetables and they are definitely intent on making as much noise as they possibly can, which they certainly succeed at.

Opening track ‘Are We Metal’ flies by at breakneck speed with Lemmy-esque vocals soaring over a rapid wall of noise and this sets the scene perfectly for a raucous trip through a booze fueled noise fest that if it’s half as much fun as it sounds, then the band must be having the time of their lives. The frenetic ‘Boy Music’ and the noise/doom hybrid of ‘Light The Rightning’ continue with some mammoth riffs and a sense of cathartic energy that Acid Cannibals do so well. Why Not Every Night finishes with ‘I Put My Fist In The Air And I Disappear’, which ends things on an utter high, from its chaotic opening to its unrepentant finish, it sums up the band and their music so well and makes you yearn to witness the band in a live environment.

Acid Cannibals are here to put the disorderly fun back into punk and noise rock and they succeeded in style with Why Not Every Night.

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