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The German trio Treedeon will release their second album, Under The Manchineel, this February the 23rd via Exile On Mainstream (pre-order available here).

About the track, bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth comments, “We recorded Under The Manchineel at Studio Wong in Berlin; they have a great Live setup for us. The song “Breathing a Vein” surprised me; turned out to be one of our favourite songs on the record. As far as vocals: it really melds what Arne and I do best to accompany one another. The songs lyrics are echoing that as well: two opposites who manage to belong together.”

Under The Manchineel is the follow-up to their debut, Lowest Level Reincarnation, which was released some three years ago. This bruising second album marks the arrival of a new drummer Andy Schuenemann, of post-rock instrumental duo Alphatrip, joining bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth and vocalist/guitarist Arne Heesch, and taking the band in an even heavier direction.

The seven tracks on Under The Manchineel have foundations in sludge, noise, and doom, also incorporating unexpected melodies into their colossal wall of sound. This thunderous catharsis, reaches levels of emotional intensity previously untapped. The lyrics are fueled by a multitude of political issues including general disenchantment with world events, and the current world order. The track ‘Manchineel’ — another one of the album’s many highlights — is a clear example of this as raging vocals of lyrical angst target all the forces declaring war on our society and our planet.

Check out the video for ‘Breathing A Vein’ here:


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