Last Friday February 9th, The Atlas Moth released their new album Coma Noir, which is their first release for LA indie metal, Prosthetic Records, it’s the first to feature Mike Miczek (Broken Hope) on drums and their longtime friend Sanford Parker took care of the album’s production. Coma Noir is a great release, bringing the rock back in the heavy music genres; the album is full with riffs and hooks and won’t disappoint any heavy music fan.

We asked vocalist Stavros Giannopoulos about the 3 records that have influenced him the most as a musician.

The Mars Volta – De-Loused In The Comatorium 

This is an all timer for me, desert island type shit. I have gone on several, ahem, trips with this as my soundtrack and it’s a perfect record in my eyes. Every single nuance is in the perfect place and feels down right meant to be. This is also maybe my favorite sounding record sonically and something I’m forever chasing.

Bill Withers – Still Bill

So, I’ve always listened to a ton of old soul and r&b, and while working on vocals for this record, I revisited a ton of it. Something about the Bill’s delivery of his words, how they sit just perfectly in the pocket with, at times, a sense of anger really does it for me. I often feel like, in metal, a lot of screaming rhythms don’t have enough variance in delivery. Granted, sometimes you don’t need to fix what’s broken but I enjoy trying something new. 

Metallica – the 90s

Sorry for not exactly adhering to 3, but I wanted to include all the non singles from the black album cause I don’t think they get enough credit sometime. But I mostly am referring to the Load/Reload era. I could probably take those 2 records and swap a few track between em and not miss the rest, but with that perfect track listing I think there is an often misjudged and very overlooked Metallica record. They were doing their best Deliverance era COC impression and honestly, some of Hetfield’s best lyrics in my opinion (for the record, ‘Fuel’ and ‘Ain’t My Bitch’ don’t make my album so let’s not throw my lyric comment to the wolves so fast). Anyway, this era Metallica was listened to a lot by me as it’s definitely still fresh sounding and not over played to my ears as the classic albums are and contains some juicy cuts. 

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