This Is Eggland by The Lovely Eggs

Release date: February 23, 2018
Label: Egg Records

The Lovely Eggs are an English married duo; Holly Ross (guitar/vocals) and David Blackwell (drums)  making left-field , sometimes naif indie pop for many years now, occupying what was once a crowded space filled by the likes of everyone from Bis and The Darling Buds to Stereolab. They have built up a cult, underground following to the extent that there recent show at The 100 Club in Soho was sold out.

Defiantly outsider and working class, their reviews include the description “like a fire in a chip shop”, however, they’re not the burning chip fat incendiary bomb that suggests, despite song titles such as ‘Dickhead’ and ‘Would You Fuck’. Visit their charmingly garish website and you’ll see they are anti-rules and anti-showbiz, the pair being purely about unfettered ‘in the moment’ artistic expression. And yet despite all that the songs on This Is England pretty much fall into two camps; there are poppier numbers with strong melodies, over which the band have stuck all manner of aural fuzzy felt and glitter with too much PVA glue – ‘Wiggy Giggy’ (no, me neither) and the infectious ‘I’m With You’, and then there’s the noisier, ranty ones which imagine Karen O fronting The Fall (RIP) – see especially ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Return of Witchcraft’. Holly even ends her words with an ”…Uh” (note books out, plagiarists), just like Mark E’s trademark mannerism.

All the fuzz, muck, sparkly bits and robot noises are expertly buffed up by producer Dave Fridmann  (Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips). It’s the first time the band have been ‘produced’ and he was top of their list as their dream collaborator, unsurprisingly. This album is wonky, weird, aggravating, catchy and singular in a similar way that early Mercury Rev and all of The Flaming Lips material is. There is still an undeniably pleasing, ramshackle ambiance throughout as the band invent their own kindergarten krautrock and post-pub pop, even if it does occasionally make me feel very old, faintly nauseous and more than a touch bourgeois. I need a quiet night in front of Gardeners World after repeated plays of This Is Eggland. It’s a fun place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Those crazy kids!

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