Cosmic Crypt by Mammoth Grinder

Release date: January 26, 2018
Label: Relapse Records

Mammoth Grinder have always injected a healthy dose of punk and crust to their death metal brutality, but they go all out with that melding on their new album Cosmic Crypt. This is the bands first release on new label Relapse Records and there couldn’t be a more fitting home for the filthy aural experience that is Cosmic Crypt. The new band features the bass and vocals of Power Trip’s Chris Ulsh alongside new recruits and Iron Regan alumni, drummer Ryan Parrish and guitarist Matt Bronzino and with that pedigree, you know that this album is going to sound immense.

And immense it certainly is and after a suitably caustic intro, Mammoth Grinder open things off with ‘Grimmenstein’ and waste no time in assaulting the senses with their awesome barrage of noise, barely pausing for breath the entire record. That opening salvo sounds like a merging of Cannibal Corpse and Discharge and sounds as good as that image conjures up. That combination of raw punk and death metal continues throughout, the raw nature of the music combining well with the more technical metal rhythms especially on blistering tracks like the aptly named ‘Superior Firepower’, ‘Locusts Nest’ and the full on death metal of the albums title track and the results are stunning.

While the majority of the tracks are a non stop barrage of d-beat infused death metal, there are a few curveballs thrown in there, the start of ‘Divine Loss’ for example could come straight from an early Morbid Angel album, Molotov contains some brilliant Celtic Frost worship and the immense sludgey grind of ‘Human Is Obsolete’ and this makes for a vital lesson in heaviness.

The album is aided by the powerful mixing and mastering courtesy of Arthur Rizk (who has worked with Power Trip in the past as well as Cavalera Conspiracy, which is telling as there is a big Sepultura feel on this record, especially on the track ‘Servant Of The Most High’) and Toxic Holocaust’s prolific Joel Grind, whose raw style is perfect for Cosmic Crypt.

Mammoth Grinder have upped the ante here and have made an album in Cosmic Crypt that will delight fans of the newer metal hordes, of whom Power Trip head up the pack, but also older heads who covet early death metal nastiness and fanatics of the rawer end of punk no end. This is an album that covers a vast spectrum of heavy music and salutes it with pride.

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