Diamante by At The Drive In

Release date: November 24, 2017
Label: Rise Records

Often new offerings, even by much loved bands, can take a few listens to fully click with. Not so with the new E.P from At The Drive In. Immediately opening track ‘Amid Ethics’ pulls you in and shows Diamante to be a natural progression from in.ter a.li.a, released earlier in 2017. One gripe with fans is that Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s hardcore bark, last heard on 2000’s Relationship of Command, is gone, replaced by vocals reminiscent of his time in The Mars Volta. However, none of the fire is gone and the vocals sound like Robert Plant wrestling Jello Biafra on a bed of nails whilst Ian MacKaye shouts encouragement in the background. Suffice it to say, these vocals still gel well with the experimental Post-Hardcore musical backdrop.

‘Amid Ethics’ opens with the same fire that ‘Arcarsenal’ had on Relationship of Command. ‘Despondent at High Noon’ carries on this same Post-Hardcore fire. The E.P rounds off with ‘Point of Demarkation’ which features a monstrously heavy bass line and musically this song has a prominent Drum and Bass musical style. It is an interesting juxtaposition against the first two tracks.

Most importantly these three tracks leave the listener hungry for more songs. The fire definitely still exists in At The Drive In and it’s good to have them back.

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