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Far from fleeting fashion and light years from short-lived trends, Cultus Profano proudly keep the flame of pure black metal burning. With their first full length album, the American duo present themselves as worthy heirs to the Great Old Ones, the legendary bands and  cult releases born and dead during the ‘90s. This imperial first offering is not an anachronism but the incandescent symbol of a precious revival entirely devoted to the glorious genesis of second-wave black metal. A mournful compendium of killer riffs, devastating drumming and harsh vocals, all bathed in a deleterious atmosphere…nothing but the truly Dark Arts… Sinister and nocturnal, grandiose and timeless, Sacramentum Obscurus is a masterful ode to the purest form of black metal.

Sacramentum Obscurus is released today through Debemur Morti Productions (order through here). Listen to the album in full here:

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