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On February 23rd, 2018, Toronto’s The Divided Line will officially release the CD and Bandcamp versions of their EP Paramnesia. The recording is a six track tour de force that proves the band is ready to ascend to the top of the hard rock/metal hierarchy.

Drawing on Plato’s concept of the divided line, which describes the visible world of things and objects perceived versus the understanding we have of them, The Divided Line blends elements of prog with radio-friendly hooks while exploring unconventional song structure. The result is a melodic, hard-hitting sound with grooves and lyrics you won’t forget.

Inspired by the music of alternative and metal bands, such as Tool, Blair Barton (guitar) began writing songs in 2009. His desire to make the project a reality soon saw the band grow to include longtime friend, Reza Shaffaf (bass guitar). Their musical synergy was evident from the moment they began writing together. It wasn’t long after until the band started creating a buzz both in and out of their hometown of Toronto, Canada. After being joined by Greg Cave (multi-instrumentalist & singer/song-writer) and Luke Scott (drummer, previously from Rumsfield) the group cohesed and began writing new songs, performing shows and developing releases and videos.

Check out the stream for the track ‘My Confession’ here:

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