Subversive III: Splende De Mens by Radar Men From The Moon

Release date: December 1, 2017
Label: Self-Released

Fresh from their Temple Ov BVV collaboration with GNOD, Radar Men From The Moon are unleashing a new torrent of bat shit gems unto the world. There’s not been much in the way of cohesive yet ludicrous music this year so it’s a good job this fucking whacky record has showed up right at the end to say hello. Subversive III: De Spelende Mens is a mouthful of a name to recall (hereafter referred to as Subversive III) but don’t worry you won’t be forgetting this in a fucking hurry. It’s absolutely interstellar.

‘Secret Howl in Ambient Night’ aggressively roars the album into an abrasive awakening. It feels like someone swallowing all their rage and inhaling into a void where the emotions of a zoned out husk gestate and manifest into a disassociated volcano.

Out of nowhere comes ‘Drunk With God’, this is not necessarily where things get interesting but, is certainly where things begin to get arrestingly captivating. Instantly grasping the listener with a steady pulse and a mesmerising synth that curls around the brain, that track doesn’t seek to enrapture your ears, it simply hooks its tendrils in your noggin and gleefully pumps in jets of trance-inducing aural serotonin. As new rhythms and frequencies are induced into the mix, I feel waves of euphoria washing over me like the familiar surge of a lysergic dawning. ‘Drunk With God’ is a perfect sobriquet for such a divinely intoxicating musical experience, I bet that fucker loves absinthe. The crumpled krautrock beats, mechanistically hiss and whirl around are never too abrasive but, instead allow the track’s synth to border on the pneumatic. This pair of opening tracks is a masterclass in how to begin an album, holy fucking cheese cocks!

‘Beeldenwereld’ segues into the album with the most beautifully engineered drums you’re gonna hear for a long time; the sound is akin to the sound of walking down a small alleyway and listening to your footsteps phase and resonate and pitch-shift as you childishly flop your feet harder and harder on the ground. The track has touches of heavily delayed sounds and drones amidst utter chaos from what I have to guess is some sort of heavily distorted vocal or guitar scratch but, I have no idea what the fuck these aliens are really doing. No wonder they work with Gnod, they must been from the same fucking planet.

The sequencing of this album has to be given some love; I appreciate any album the artists involved have considered how to seamless segue the sounds into one cohesive whole especially, when these days so many records are just plopped down track after seemingly unconnected track. ‘Abstraction and Society’ carries the drone and take it into a somewhat abrasive industrial drone track anchored by a Carpenter-esque bassline. The ascent of the track is slow but, the final eruption can only be compared to something is outrageously out there as either Aphex Twin or Gnod; it’s arousingly batshit. Fuck me. These guys do not mess about. They know to ease you off when the going gets heavy as well. It’s almost as if they’ve managed to condense eating a pill at a festival into one track of slow ascension, utter madness and then wandering slowly back to the tents through a crowd, as a completely twisted husk.

‘De Splende Mens’ the title track of Subversive III, is three minutes of pure acid squelch, I should probably have said at the start, if you’re not absolutely out of your fucking mind or some whacked-out beatnik this album might be a little bit too nuts for you. I wonder why they named the album after such a short and easy going track when generally the album is so wild and relentless but, I guess there’s always potential for an interview later (*wink* *wink* *waves* *slams head repeatedly on desk whilst on fire*).

The next unforgiving place the Radar Men From The Moon take us to see is the ‘Transgression Cave’ and as with all of their cosmological exhibitions it is utterly unfathomable and astounding. I actually went to grab a cup of tea at this start of this track just so I had something to spit out in utter disbelief as to how fucking superb it was. I fucking love this track so much, this album has just totally blown my little pea-brain to fucking bits.

*WARNING POTENTIAL BANGER OF THE YEAR* ‘Spectacle’ has that sort of Gallops ‘Darkjewel’ vibe of being a gnarly, seedy gem, that just instantly fucking penetrates you with it juicy synths. I succumbed with pleasure. It’s just too fucking much. It’s short and sweet and just astoundingly good, I don’t wanna try to explain this anymore just fucking get it on now and both you, the reader and I, the idiot, can just keep our thoughts to ourselves whilst the good shit flows.

Now, let’s talk about ‘Blank Canvas Dark Majesty’, you might remember that I thought the opening of Subversive III was fucking boss, well, the closing of the album is sheer genius on display. The twenty minute odyssey takes the listener through a motorik city of piston-like drums and awesome, dystopian guitar work evocative of some sort of heartless take on War of The World. It’s fucking brutal. The whole thing feels like a strange ode to doom and that’s how they chose to end the album in the pit of despair. I guess these guys are watching the world around them.

Radar Men From The Moon have blown my fucking feet off never mind my goddamn, fluffy little socks.

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