Mire by Conjurer

Release date: March 9, 2018
Label: Holy Roar Records

Mire is a seminal piece of writing and execution from Conjurer. This does not sound like a debut album, Mire seems much more like the work of an experienced and mature band who have spent a long time crafting their art.

Conjurer are an impressive new British band who will be releasing their debut album, Mire, through Holy Roar Records in February 2018. I would hesitate before trying to classify Conjurer as belonging to any one genre, listening to Mire I am constantly finding sections reminiscent of a whole myriad of artists. These include Opeth, Meshuggah, Sikth and Gojira among others. However, I should stress that while similarities exist, Conjurer are entirely their own beast and Mire itself, while containing a lot of different elements, fits together seamlessly as a single and beautifully moulded whole. Conjurer’s music contains everything from the crushingly heavy all the way through to gentle and melodic soundscapes.


Mire is an appropriate name for the album due to the prevalence of down-tuned, deep and muddy guitar sections (that tone, is just to die for!). However, this heaviness is always balanced out with a strong melodic core which cuts right through the sludge and continually develops the songs and hooks the listener right back in. They mix things up as well with interesting tempo changes, occasional math metal type licks and great drum work.

The vocals are mostly heavy screams from guitarists Dan and Brady, with the two overlaying each other, but Conjurer have also gone for clean vocals in some songs which really works well. I spent ages trying to work out which singer the clean vocals reminded me of but couldn’t work it out, if you have any thoughts then let me know!

In the end I simply cannot find anything to fault in this album. It is an incredible achievement and Conjurer deserve recognition for this gem.

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