10.29.17 by Patkus and Magaziner

Release date: November 14, 2017
Label: Self-Released

I like Patkus. There’s a consistent wholesome quality to his work that makes it nice without being too wanky, I mean, yeah, put anything nearly like this on when I’m pissed off and I’ll eviscerate you and wear you as an extra layer of skin but, for any other point in time Patkus is fucking lovely. I have no idea who Magaziner is but, I’m guessing that Magaziner is the fucking excellent strings player on this release that seems to have been the the thing that Patkus was missing all along.

‘Diamond Bop Kabbalah’ and ‘Alyosha pt. III’ use the usual Patkus charm of layering guitar parts that are delightfully mellow and sedately but, they are greatly enhanced by extremely effective strings work that adds a divine serenity into the tracks. I’d say that the strings perhaps have a slightly stronger showing on the first track but, that’s probably just because Patkus shreds so fucking hard on that second track.

Overall, this 12 minute gem is a mellow treat and a very successful and fruitful collaboration which clearly has a lot more potential should Patkus and Magaziner want to explore further ideas. A charming little burst of music.

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