Over the last decade. Peter Broderick has consistently produced captivating and beguiling music as well as being a member of the legendary Efterklang.

At the end of November he released All Together Again, a collection of commissioned works spanning those last ten years, so what better time to get him to dig in to the records that have influenced him.

Seeing as All Together Again collects various commissioned works from the last ten years, there was a vast array of influences that came and went during that time. Sometimes musical obsessions can fade away just as quickly as they arrived . . . other times you might listen to something to death, get tired of it, and then years later you rediscover it and it resonates deeply once again. Here are some artists and records that have had lasting impact on my life, and were certainly among some of my most listened-to records during this last decade.”

Brian Eno – Another Green World

I didn’t learn about Brian Eno until 2006. At that point I was already creating lots of different types of music myself, and when I discovered the eclectic variety of Eno’s work, I felt incredibly validated. It’s impossible for me to choose a favorite Eno album — in addition to all his solo records he has also participated in a lot of amazing collaborative projects — but I chose this one because of the variety contained within the one single record.

While I’ve always loved to create lots of different styles of music, most of my records have each had a pretty consistent theme . . . at least they have usually been either primarily vocal based records or primarily instrumental records . . . and for All Together Again I wanted to put together an album that was more diverse. Another Green World glides beautiful vocal numbers and instrumentals, and I love that.

Félicia Atkinson & Sylvain Chauveau – Roman Anglais

This is a strange and beautiful record. I chose it because it’s a collaboration between two contemporary artists whom I’ve been very inspired by over the last decade. Sylvain Chauveau’s early records inspired me to make ‘classical’ type music centered around the piano and strings, and gave me the confidence I needed to be content with really simple musical ideas. Félicia’s work, both musical and visual, has been hugely influential to me . . . there’s a playful vibrance in her work which makes me feel like a child again, with luminous eyes, in awe of the wonders of the universe.

On this record, Sylvain creates the musical backdrop for Félicia’s spoken word. I love the gentle sound of her voice on this album, and I think it’s safe to say this record encouraged me to incorporate more spoken passages into my recordings, such as can be heard on the last track of All Together Again.

Arthur Russell – World Of Echo

Where to begin with Arthur Russell . . . I can hardly think of a bigger inspiration. Again, like Eno, he embraced so many different styles of music. And this album in particular, like the title suggests, really does sound like a world of its own. The use of effects on this record is so innovative and supremely musical. And as a string player myself (violin was my first instrument), it was a huge inspiration to hear the way Arthur Russell utilizes the cello, and the way he sings and plays his instrument at the same time. His story is a heartbreaking one (watch the film Wild Combination) . . . but his musical legacy is unbelievable . . . such a rich, diverse and groundbreaking collection of sounds.

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