Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom by Plastic Crimewave Syndicate

Release date: November 20, 2017
Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Cosmik-Free-Punk may not be a genre on everyone’s minds at the moment as being at the vanguard of a new movement, and if we’re being brutally honest the term should only belong to Hawkwind anyway, who made a career out of merging those three strands together. Nevertheless, its a term you should get used too, especially if you are somewhat inclined towards music of a more psychedelic nature, as Illinois trio Plastic Crimewave Syndicate are back with a new album designed to take your mind to far-flung places.

It is those places that you actually do find yourselves too. Cast adrift as the weird ambience of ‘No Place’ leaves you staggering around trying to make sense of what you have been listening to. By now, you are in five tracks into your trip and the hovering saxophone remains your only chance of grasping a way back home. That’s saying something, as the free-form workout leaves you dribbling on the floor of the cosmic void, hoping that you may regain some semblance of normality once it is over.

Of course, this is further down the line, and to start you need a great slice of motorik punk in the form of ‘Ghost Of Dread Reaction’. Indeed, its the most “normal” track here, and that’s saying something, as it careens out of the speakers with wild abandon, threatening to upset the neighbours with its MC5 inflected stance, This is life man! It yells. This is politics! This is chaos, before it flings you out into space with ‘Future To The Ancients’. The album may be called Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom and it may very well sound like a thunderbolt at times. In fact, this whole album is a THUNDERBOLT from the blue in terms of great psych releases this year. It’s superb. As for the wisdom, well that will depend on what type of drugs you are taking.

In a year where psych seems to have taken something of a back-seat in terms of pushing out the boundaries, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate have set an entire fucking firework underneath the whole scene. It’s an album which will ultimately appeal to the more hardcore psych heads out there, and can be filed alongside the ever excellent Earthling Society as ones who really understand what psychedelia really means. It channels in that chaotic free festival vibe, with obvious forebearers being the ever increasingly influential Hawkwind. From that, they have upgraded it for the new internet age where a freedom in being able to record whatever the fuck you want and get it out there as become the new industry. Not that these will ever remain inside anything as flimsy as an industry, they will probably subvert the entire thing and dose it with triple acid blotters. Such is the life of a psychonaut.

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