Grotesque [Single] by Melt Dunes

Release date: October 6, 2017
Label: Strong Island Recordings

I have no idea who the fuck Melt Dunes are but, from this track I feel like they entered the planet via a wormhole. ‘Grotesque’ offers an alien approach to a genre crying out for diversity.

The guitar work screams War of The Worlds to me, which is a fucking huge bonus and the vocals are weirdly Arctic Monkeys-esque. Although, the later more screamy bits take that I guess closer towards a band like The Subways on the more violent end of indie. There’s an inherent groove to it in a way that makes me feel as though it was lacking in psyche. Not that I feel that is the case necessarily. But, the rhythm section in the band is undoubtedly compelling and the more explosive elements of the track at the end will certainly resonate with whacked-out beatniks like myself looking for something to bludgeon our brains with.

Grotesque has successfully won me over, I’m intrigued and I hate to say that a band has actually made me enjoy something “groovy” but they did it.

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