Luminous Eyes by Haunt

Release date: December 29, 2017
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Trevor William Church, also of Beastmaker, certainly knows how to craft an excellent slice of 80’s NWOBHM. Haunt’s debut EP Luminous Eyes, nails its colours to the flag with the titular opening track. Twin guitar melodies straight from the Iron Maiden school of shredding combine with a strong underpinning rhythm section.

The first impression created by the opener, is that this is a fun record. This is not a record which you have to be in a certain frame of mind to truly enjoy. Luminous Eyes, demands little of the listener, apart from a pair of ears.

Haunt are adept at the sort of choruses that garnered Maiden, Priest and Saxon their respective fans and each of this EP’s four songs have a chorus that outdoes the last.

Haunt realise that they have four songs with which to show their wares and they utilise this time beautifully. There is no mix of: fast song, slow song, mid paced song. Instead Haunt take everything that will, no doubt, define them: chugging and melodic twin guitars, huge choruses, and a pummelling rhythm section, turned them all into a song and multiplied it by four.

This four song EP’s stay is all too brief and a full-length album would be fantastic. In the meantime, all there is to do is press repeat.

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