Funeral Chant by Funeral Chant

Release date: November 30, 2017
Label: Caverna Abismal Records

Funeral Chant’s demo has a lot going on within its cobwebbed and blood-stained coffin lid. Displaying a multitude of styles and a considerable amount of musicianship this demo gives the impression of a band who are not yet entirely settled on any one particular style. This is not a criticism though, as a demo this is exactly what they should be doing, experimenting and seeing what works.

Funeral Chant definitely lean towards the ‘wall of noise’ approach to extreme metal, however, they do this in such a way as to not sacrifice clarity. The vocals are set far back in the mix and come through distorted, fuzzy and distant, reminiscent of early Burzum. In contrast, the instruments themselves are strong and clear, allowing the vocals to sit atmospherically within the mix, pulling everything together. The songs are generally fast paced and thunderous with catchy riffs and plenty of solos.

The demo opens with ‘Spiral Into Madness’, which offers a punishingly fast and definitely black metal demonstration of what this band can do. This is my favourite song on the album with fantastic atmosphere and pacing. The next song, ‘Cacophony of Death’, while clearly spawned from the same dark pit of hell is much closer to being straight up death metal rather than black. The rest of the record then follows in a similar vein with some later songs sounding distinctly thrashy, representing a third style in the mix. These are all well-constructed songs played by talented musicians and as a first release this is an impressive piece of work. In terms of future releases I hope that Funeral Chant settle more firmly into themselves and whichever style they will be moving forward with. There is nothing wrong with having a varied album, however, personally I feel like in this case the record doesn’t quite gel as one solid entity.

Funeral Chant have my attention and I will be keeping an eye out for future releases, I recommend that you do the same.

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