Lilith by Butcher Babies

Release date: October 27, 2017
Label: Century Media Records

Many people will have a very vivid image in their head, when they hear the name Butcher Babies. The band with two front ladies caused a minor uproar with their provocative stage performance in the early days of the band. The infamous Wendy O Williams style nipple tape caused quite some turmoil.

Unfortunately that punk rock gesture was taken the wrong way and it’s still the first thing a random search for the band yields. That’s a major shame, because you miss out on the fact that this band has got something to say. You’ll also miss out on the fact that the band has delivered a fierce album this year with Lilith, which is definitely worth a spin.

There’s an untamed fury in a song like ‘Burn The Straw Man’. It hits hard, you can sing a long and it’s catchy as hell. ‘Lilith’ is a beast of a track as well. It sort of embodies the album and brings the best bits of metalcore in a fierce package of grooving rage. The duo vocalists give a whole different dynamic to the sound, which really kind of harks back to the nu-metal in catchy grandeur and variety. Clean sung parts go from big, stadium chants to sweet, seductive whispers and everything in between. That’s exactly what you get on ‘Headspin’. This could have been a hit back in the day with its emotional, catchy chorus!


There are various themes hidden on this album. Little references to popular culture, ageism, but here and there we have some classics like ‘The Huntsman’. A little, creepy spin on the Little Red Riding Hood story I suppose, with some tight hooks and groovy chunks of music. I have to say that the duo vocalist thing is rather intense for the listener. The music continuously pushes on, there’s not even room to breathe for you as a listener. It’s like Korn on amphetamine, when you hear the turbulence of a song like ‘Oceana’.

‘Look What We’ve Done’ is the anthem of this album. Expressive, clean-sung and a sharp contrast to the mosh-ready further album. It’s one of those power ballads that you can simply fall in love with. The lyrics, like on most of the album, never seem to go towards the concrete but linger in abstracts and suggestions. The best, most juicy, groovy parts of the album are the last two bits. ‘POMONA (shit happens)’ is a good 3 minutes of anger. ‘Underground and Overrated’ has the best riff-work on the album. It’s all good.

Lilith has everything that we love to hate about modern metal music, which is perfectly fine. The band has always been about challenging and with this groove-packed slab of metalcore they do just that.

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