Deus Salutis Meae by Blut Aus Nord

Release date: October 27, 2017
Label: Debemur Morti

Blut Aus Nord are a band that refuse to be labelled under one genre, shapeshifting ever so slightly throughout their more experimental days and even returning recently to their more classic straight-up black metal approach by sealing the deal on their Memoria Vetusta trilogy with the excellent third offering Saturnian Poetry. Mainman and sometimes sole member Vindsval has always stretched Blut Aus Nord’s imagination throughout the plethora of full-lengths, EPs and splits produced over the past 20 or so years and new album Deus Salutis Meae is no different.

The three instrumental interludes placed throughout the album may be deceptively simple but set a foreboding tone with droning noise and distorted chills ready to take a trip down the spine. ‘Chorea Macchabeorum’ lurches forth with a malicious stomp, bearing its rotten teeth with doom-laden catchiness. Signature rolling drum patterns and the caustic atrocities that flee Vindsval’s throat add to a density of fear that is only intensified with the arrival of ‘Impious’ with its immediate descent into monstrous terror spitting hideousness in both ears as atonal guitars drag you into the viscosity of its fright.

Lead single ‘Apostasis’ pulls the ripcord and lets all manner of violence lose, kicking off the track with primal industrial blasts, crunching guitar work and warped tremolos that transform into high-flying solos, shredding, tearing through the cruel ambience, leaving the air thick with nightmares most foul. Its harrowing cacophonies make this the albums most terrifying vision and the mirror image of ‘Abisme’ and its use of clean sung vocals against the trudging pulses of precise and predatory percussion.

‘Revelatio’ is another blasterpiece of quaking drum hits and harsh guitar-driven dissonance with otherworldly riffs intermingling with the mew of tortured kittens. Vindsval gives another controlled performance, spewing raspy vitriol through the gnashing of teeth. ‘Metanoia’ closes the album on a more restrained note, with haunting atmospheres and the grinding of crushingly heavy guitars as ghastly voices crawl from the dark.

The cavernous and utterly consuming sounds of Deus Salutis Meae are akin to being submerged in the dank maw of a subterranean hell-hole whilst searching for the divine flash of light that may set you free of its horrors. It’s cold, calculated and eager to devour your being. Utterly imposing and God-like in its depravity, each song mauls your senses in various vicious ways, touching on your nerves until they can twitch no more.

Blut Aus Nord have this monotonous way about them that is far from tedious but sickeningly compelling when partaking in self-exploration of its hidden, and most intricate depths. By this I mean Blut Aus Nord’s music is best viewed alone with one’s thoughts whilst blanketed in pure blackness. There each precise drum hit, eerie atmosphere and twisted wicked chord can be imbibed with its horror playing clearly before you as if you were sat in front of a projector screen.

Blut Aus Nord continue to be a band who push boundaries and obliterate conceptions within the black metal genre and throughout the ten tracks of disharmonic horror on Deus Salutis Meae they continue to shape and shift their unsettling reality.

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