Wiccan/Mandy Machine by Victories

Release date: October 31, 2017
Label: Red Menace Records

The single’s popularity seems to be like a wheel of fortune. From being the key medium of promoting music from the Fifties to mid-Seventies to a complete decline and almost extinction in the period of CD dominance. With the advent of all things Spotify and playlists, but with the return to popularity of vinyl as such, singles in some shape or other seem to be having a comeback.

Among those that would try to use such a situation to their advantage are the Essex trio Victories, with their single/ double sider Wiccan/Mandy Machine. They seem to have done the right moves in presenting it in the right manner – from the fact that they combined a very strong A side (“Wiccan”) with a B side that is good enough but does not distract from the track that is supposed to do ‘the killing’ (in the charts – And Machine). The single as the artifact is ready, audio files are ready, the video is ready, what do you want more?

A great track(s) for starters. And with “Wiccan”, Victories definitely, deliver! I mentioned a ‘killer’ track beforehand, and that A side is truly one! Dominated by some massive, infectious fuzz-laden riffs, it also has quite a funky backbone, like Monster Magnet in R&B! “Mandy Machine” is a few tons lighter, by no means a throwaway, but in no manner distracts from the fact that “Wiccan” is the A-side everybody should listen to.

A great way to introduce yourself & should be on everybody’s playlist whenever they have something to do in the garage (literally, or otherwise) and a great taster for when more music from Victories comes around.

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