The Pink Diamond Revue are a three piece project from outer-space via Reading, they create a truly unique mixture of heady electro and vintage blues. 

PDR combine beats from today with riffs, samples and vocal harmonies from the 50’s and 60’s. Fearlessly active, they’ve clocked over 150 live shows in their brief time here since landing in 2014. 

We thought it would be fascinating to have a rummage through the influences behind this heady musical brew.

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Every track on this album is great, in fact every tune The Velvet Underground did was cool. The sound and songs are relevant and were the inspiration for me to play guitar. The combination of dark drug related lyrics, Nico’s uplifting vocals and musical soul pushed me in the right direction. Apparently it was produced by Any Warhol, whatever that means, but he did a good job on the sleeve design.

I saw one of Lou Reed’s last shows in Oxford where he performed Metal Machine Music, a brilliantly unsettling set of electronica and psychedelic guitar.

‘’The First thing you learn is you always got to wait ‘’ – I‘m waiting for the man

Sheep on Drugs – Greatest Hits

Sheep on Drugs were around in the early 90’s and were the first band I saw combining techno with guitar. What made them stand out was their frontman Duncan X. He was a proper star and the audience couldn’t take their eyes off him. His girlfriend was the singer in my band DF118 so I went to a lot of their shows. Duncan was the master at combining music and showmanship and still coming across as the baddest man on the planet.

‘’It’s Saturday night and I’m a motorbike ‘’ – Duncan X

T Rex – Electric Warrior

Having a unique guitar sound that is instantly recognisable is something all guitarists strive for but hardly any achieve. The guitar sound on Get it on or Jeepster could not be anyone else but Marc Bolan. It’s rock, it’s dance, it’s pop, it’s psychedelic.

Oh yea and he looked great too!

‘’It really doesn’t matter at all Life’s a gas’’ – Marc Bolan

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