Into My Own by Red Belmont

Release date: October 24, 2017
Label: Self-Released

Very soon after psychedelic music became a distinct genre, it became evident that the youth in Southern America had a serious knack for it. Whether it had something to do with the Andes and closeness to Cosmos as such, the water they have been drinking over there or the records that seeped in from the other parts of the world (probably all of those), it had serious effects on those that picked up guitars (mostly) and other instruments and started to play. In the late Sixties and the early Seventies it was mostly Peru and Brazil’s psychedelic proponents that became known outside the continent, but neither Argentina or Chile were lagging far behind at the time.

These days, it seems that Santiago de Chile’s burgeoning underground psychedelic scene seems to be producing the music of most (psychedelic) substance(s). Maybe nothing to do with the chemicals and more with the fact somebody noticed that Chile is the country with most of the world’s space telescopes, including VLT, or Very Large Telescope. But the Santiago underground has already produced some notable psychedelic products- Föllakzoid, Holydrug Couple (as Föllakzoid, also recording for Sacred Bones), as well as La Hell Gang and Watch Out! As well as the local Blow Your Mind Records. Now seems to be the time to get familiar with another fine name appearing from the scene, Red Belmont trio and their debut album Into My Own (two eps from 2014 and earlier this year preceded it).

As a relatively young band Red Belmont stick to the sounds they are familiar with and love – Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, The Electric Prunes, Amon Duul II, or if you want more familiar names from the more recent times that went the same path, the “three S bands” – Spacemen 3, Spectrum, Spiritualized. Yes, it does sound familiar, no, it did not bring anything drastically new. But, and it is big but at that, Red Belmont sound absolutely great on  Into My Own!

The fact is that these three guys have completely immersed themselves and have completely absorbed all the sounds that have inspired them (as did the three S bands themselves, for that matter), that they have come up with some quite immensely enjoyable guitar-based psychedelic workouts. There could be something with that high mountains connection again since the band secluded themselves for a week in a house located in the Villarica Volcano to prepare this album.

Try out, for example, some of the tracks located somewhere in the middle of the album, like ‘Inner Mood’ and ‘Is This Real’ with their hypnotic, echoing guitar workouts, long enough to enchant you and not lasting too long so to overstay their welcome and recessed vocals and quite efficient bass and drum sound. The whole album also has a good sense of what psychedelic music production should sound like, courtesy of the Santiago scene friend Nes from La Hell Gang. Actually, the album sounds quite like a seamless whole, no track ever dropping below a set standard, something that could be pointed out as yet another achievement for a debut album.

These guys should be paid attention to.

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