Resin by Interstelar

Release date: December 8, 2017
Label: Kosmik Artifactz

Resin by Interstelar holds no pretences of being an original sounding album. Instead, Interstelar focus on tight musicianship, well-structured songs, and a hefty dose of muscle bulking up their songs. The opening track comes on strong, like Orange Goblin if they fired Ben Ward and got Maynard James Keenan to replace him. It is an interesting mix: chunky, groovy riffs with vocals more traditionally melodic than you might expect from a stoner record.

The pace of the intro track is kept throughout the album. The eponymous track two starts off like Dirt era Alice in Chains before kicking in the verse with riffs that Down would kill for. The production of Resin really helps the song writing shine. The guitars and bass are thick sounding whilst the drums are punchy, and the vocals cut through but don’t overshadow the instrumentation.

Track three ‘High Horse’ sticks with the 90’s feel but adds in a touch of 70’s balladry for good measure. The lead guitar is a near constant solo, underpinned by a strong, strumming acoustic line. Resin doesn’t rest on its laurels for long and ‘Hold It’ is back with more muscular riffing, with, dare I say it, a glam metal touch. The glam touch I refer to is more like the odd L.A flourishes heard Alice in Chains debut than all out Steel Panther, however. ‘Opposite Daze’ is the next track, and a particular highlight for me, featuring a simple, repetitive riff that builds nicely to a phenomenal chorus.

‘Armada’ and ‘Behold’ are a final ‘one-two’ knockout. A stirring reminder of the heavy, stoner riffing that has led this album. The final track ‘Sequoia’ is a beautiful acoustic number to round out a heavy album on a light note. The guitars change to Americana style arpeggios and the vocals intone the same sense of Americana.

In all, the tracks on Resin expertly balance the need for shade and light, as well as balancing a shiny, polished production with dirty riffing. It sounds great on first play and stands up to repeated listens.

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