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Shitshifter was founded in may 2012 by members of I Am The Bayonett, NVRVD and Hungry Lungs. The idea behind this was fairily simple: worship the riff! Equiped with the legendary HM-2 and Big Muff guitar pedals as well as some really striking riffs, the band recorded their debut record INTRUDERS in summer 2014 at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg (a place where legendary bands like Omega Massif, BLCKWVS, Nightslug, Ruins, Alpinist or Perth Express made their records).

Everything minus the vocals was recorded live at the studio. No overdubs, no additional Tracks, just raw and fast music. The result is 20 minutes of highly distorted and heavy-as-fuck music that woreships bands like Trap Them, Rotten Sound, Entombed and other HM-2 pedal related bands. From sludgy, slow songs up to some very fast, under-one-minute tracks the music always focuses on delivering the highest energy possible.

After a lot of very succesfull shows in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the band recorded PYRE in late 2016 at the same studio where they recorded their previous album. Again, recording live was very important to Shitshifter. This band is all about authencity. Today, basically everybody can make a record with modern technology. They don’t necessarily think that modern recording technology is bad but people use it in a way that takes the soul away from the music.

Shitshifter wanted to make a personal statement against this trend. PYRE is all about dynamics within the songs and focuses on the natural push and pull a good live band should deliver. Metal music should be ugly and filthy, not compressed to hell and with every soul edited out of it. This album is their standpoint against this trend of making music lifeless and boring.

PYRE will be released on November 24th through Per Koro Records and is available for pre-order through here. Listen to the full album here:


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