Real Soon Now by Dodge Meteor

Release date: August 22, 2017
Label: Swap Meat Records

If these days you’re getting resigned to sitting in autumnal gridlock, blankly gawping out at the damp, grey, darkening day and the tired faces of your fellow citizens then Dodge Meteor‘s Real Soon Now could be just the thing to lift you briefly from your traffic torment. Half an hour of driving psych grunge custom made for slamming in the tape deck of your rusting piece of crap hatchback, cranking the volume and daydreaming you’re actually Kowalski tearing out across the American desert in Vanishing Point. Yeah, I know Kowalski drove a Dodge Challenger and the Meteor was actually built by Mercury, but we’re daydreaming a car chase through monument valley here, are you getting in for the ride or what?

Dodge Meteor is yet another band featuring one man heavy psych phenomenon Mike Vest also of Blown Out, 11 Paranoias, Bong, Haiku No Ku, Melting Hand and so on and so on. This is their second cassette release on Riot Season’s sister label Swap Meat. Vest is joined by powerhouse Italian drummer Matteo Dainese and this time they’ve added Marco Zuccolo on bass. What most sets them apart from his other bands is the brevity and full tilt pace of the material – they tear through seven numbers in the time it takes Blown Out to do two, or less than one of Bong’s one song, one note, sludge drone mantras.

Unencumbered by vocals and driven by a fierce but subtle rhythm section Vest just runs riot. I have a very low tolerance for guitar noodling nonsense and it’s testament to his considerable skills that, while that’s basically what he’s doing, he never even begins to test my patience.

The band probably have some obscure Italian or Japanese psych rock beast in mind but to me this sounds like a clutch of the greatest 80’s/90’s American bands mashed into something hard and cheap, Mudhoney before they junked the Wah Wah pedals, Tad, the noisy Dinosaur Jr of ‘Sludgefeast’, Helios Creed in his more direct moods, Paul Leary’s wild space guitar in The Butthole Surfers, the title track even has a very Nirvana sounding riff tucked away in there. Not that it’s retreading or aping any of that stuff, (I’ve seen bands do that and it’s pretty dull) it just brings them occasionally to mind before heading off elsewhere. At speed. To be clear, I really like Blown Out but I think, right now, that I like this even more. It’s a wild and blasting ride, it’s an absolute joy.

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