Predator Reign by Degial

Release date: November 24, 2017
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records

Degial‘s Predator Reign is a solidly enjoyable guitar-centric death metal album. There is nothing in here particularly innovative or new, however, the riffs are catchy and the solos tasty enough to make this album a good listen.

Degial are a Swedish death metal band who have been around since 2006 and are signed to Sepuchral Voice Records. Predator Reign is their third full length album and in terms of production and sound quality it is a big step up from both of their previous releases. Everything is well balanced in the mix and their technical proficiency comes across throughout the album.

There are some definite black metal leanings in here, most noticeably in the vocals of lead singer Hampus, but also in some of the riffs and playing styles throughout the album. This is absolutely not a complaint though, it makes the album more interesting and varied.


For me, the standout song on Predator Reign is its final offering ‘Clangor of Subjugation’. This is essentially a distilled version of all the best things about the album. Its essence is fast, pummelling drums and some really nice melodic guitar parts which overlay and chase each other. After re-visiting some of these sections a couple of times the music suddenly slows and a bad-ass and chunky riff takes centre stage, with the other guitar and bass adding some really nice texture in the background. This final part continues for a couple of minutes, offering some serious swagger, eventually fading out slowly and just leaving the bass. As the last song on the album this does its job well because as soon as it finishes you want to start the whole thing again.

If death metal, leather and blood (fake or not) are your jam then I would recommend giving this album a go.

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