Sein / Zeit by Barshasketh and Outre

Release date: November 27, 2017
Label: Third Eye Temple / Blut&Eisen Prod.

Barshasketh is a band that hails from New Zealand originally, but is currently located in Scotland. Its founder Krigeist is quite the traveler and makes old school black metal with this project (he has various other bands going). Outre is a Polish company, that has released one full length this far. The two team up for a split, inspired by none other than the German philosopher Heidegger.

Split releases are an interesting phenomenon. Originally it made sense if you wanted to cover a full 7” and split the costs, but still, bands collaborate for this type of release in a more symbolic, cooperative manner. As a listener, you have the distinct pleasure to hear bands combined, which you might not have put together before. For me, Barshasketh has been a band I’ve been digging for a while, but Outre is the new sound. Somewhere, an Outremlistener says the opposite I suppose. The result Sein / Zeit is an interesting listen.


Starting the record is Barshasketh with the song ‘Being’, the first half of the title (That’s what ‘Sein’ translates as). In just under eight minutes, the cold will start seeping into every fiber of your body. Krigeist knows how to write that icy black metal, with blistering tremolo guitar riffs, abyssal blast beats, and mournful melodies, that are woven into a torrential stream of misery. The vocals convey a sober message, there’s a calm in the middle of the storm that is Barshasketh and it’s mighty indeed. In that sense, the band presents itself as it is; an outlet for black metal the way Gorgoroth and Sargeist play it.

Outre takes on the ‘Time’ part (perhaps superfluous, but that’s what ‘Zeit’ means). Clangy, vigorous riffs immediately take on that challenge. The drums sound muffled, creating a throbbing vibe under the main song. Threatening guitar lines and commanding vocals give a very different vibe to this side of the record. Outre feels much more militant, leaning to the Endstille experience for me. But the feeling of the song even leans towards some of the most violent metalcore at times, thanks to its accessibility. It’s balled fists and bellowing along all the way. There are even some breaks towards the end.

The Polish band snuck in another song, titled ‘Only True Believers’, which is an Armagedda cover. It’s another frantic, soul-clutching outburst of high paced, venomous black metal from the band. This record gives you a taste of both bands. The classical sound of Barshasketh and then the militant pounding of Outre’s fury. It’s not the densest record and your listening pleasure shall be just under 17 minutes. After that, I assume you’ll have some more?

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