Burden Limbs is the latest musical vehicle for the prodigious talent of Chad Murray. Moving away from the ambient excursions of Driven Like Machines, Burden Limbs explores lo-fi anti-folk with gothic tinges.

“These lo-fi home demos were used to remember the songs and teach them to other people and were as such produced and recorded in a variety of ways, with little effort made to do anything but, show the core elements of each track as a sketch. With that said, there is likely an inherent intimacy within this process that could potentially help listeners better engage with the personal exploration of trauma, repression and misery documented and unburdened into these songs. Consider this an extremely advanced preview of an album we’ve yet to record, though, there is potential that the complete dozen of musical eggs may potentially be released in the meantime.” says Chad of the release.

The album is released on Tuesday 28th November through Glasshouse Records and can be pre-ordered here.


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