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The new LP from NYC volume dealers Mirror Queen, Verdigris, is a masterclass of riff-driven melodic hard rock, combining edgy, street-level rock ‘n’ roll with more cerebral elements of poetry and literature. The group’s driving music accelerates at the distinct point where NWOBHM and heavy prog rock intersect; a direct and definite delineation of an era when urgent metallic sound was the order of the day. Featuring additional guitars from Swans six-stringer Norman Westberg, Verdigris demands headbanging and fists raised to the sky.

Ahead of the release date the band now releases the track ‘Curse the Night’. Guitarist and vocalist Kenny Kreisor comments: “Co-guitarist Morgan brought the main riffs to practice, and I started mumbling some words about seafaring and mirages. Only later did I discover a particular type of mirage often encountered at sea was called a Fata Morgana, and that Longfellow had written a poem concerning such. I figured this serendipity made it appropriate to borrow the closing lyrics from him, and an anthemic album-closer was brought to fruition!”

Verdigris will be released on October 27 via Tee Pee Records and is available for pre-order through here. Listen to ‘Curse the Night’ here:

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