Heh by The Convoy

Release date: September 30, 2017
Label: Sonorous Circle


In unity (Tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic)

So today’s review, is one of those albums which I spent way too long trying to figure out what to say about, because it’s the kind of shit i’m actually super passionate about (writing that Intrinsic Light review a while ago took a long time as well because there’s just no way my lack of basic writing skills do that kind of work justice). Anyways, (tic-tic-tic-tic-tic).

Recorded and released last month on NZ label Sonorous Circle (check them out, they’re great), we have Heh, the latest offering from some of the best orchestral droners around, THE CONVOY.

This release is the band’s 3rd LP and is a continuation of what this project does best, explores the totally deconstructed elements of sound in a pretttty deep way. The result is a mixture of post rock guitar percussion crescendos, foreboding mechanical undertow and washes of amazing ambience coming from who knows where?.  

Follows on from the last efforts of the band, 2014’s “8”. Since then (from what I can tell at least). The band has gone from being the efforts of one solo noisemaker to a two piece. The resulting shift around this is just remarkable. Worth noting is just how organic the transition from solo noise making to duo work seems to be for these players. Whereas

The mechanical component (or tape looping, manipulation of machinery) is really just fucking mindblowing. Rather than going down the path of cheapo contacts on noisy bells, or any modular posturing. The band’s focus comes on acoustic manipulation of both musical and electromechanical shit (think big industrial motors ticking over for a percussive source). The role that sounds like the big cannonesque booms on Rainbow Bridge come through, just hits me really hard.

In terms of the intention behind the sounds on display. The juxtaposition between free exploration of the sound world occuring around us, vs the compositional intent/arrangement of said sounds is just so so meticulous. Everything that needs to be free is so freely explored and embraced, everything arranged is done so with such creative confidence. Exactly how music like this should be made.

I’ll try not state the obvious with this. But in terms of what is transmitted ideas wise. This style of music is hands down the most powerful. Everything you ever need to know is completely on display. When you are presented with such a lack of aesthetic based context (or anthropic context, or just really tedious shit you shouldn’t care about) you are being presented with some of the most important info about the connection and meaning of pretty much everything. Definitely worth paying attention to.

Also! One thing that’s really cool about this release is how it’s been put out digitally. Like this probably isn’t a huge deal but it’s actually released in split pieces and one continuous album. With some differences appearing between the two. The continuous adding an extra mantra/treatise/whatever at the beginning of the piece and making the flow of all the pieces very fluid. The “Discrete” being separated so each different piece stands out a bit more in its own isolation. Honestly so much redundant posturing on album structure comes from how it’s presented to people, long or short. Giving multiple options to a listener reduces album concepts down to what they deserve to be (in my opinion).

For people into this mixture of sounds, the ideas on display with this release are outstanding and the way that it’s communicated on this release comes from a creative place that I really gravitate towards, and all lame writing cliche’ shit aside, it’s just such a beautiful rewarding listen. It’s such a gorgeous embrace of all living things happening around us. With soundscapes that drone into infinity and elements that engage you. I can’t stress this enough, this is the music everyone needs in their lives.

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