The night is dark the night is silent, the night is light the night is loud - Raven by Raven

Release date: October 12, 2017
Label: Art as Catharsis

Howdy again,

For today’s review. We have a lovely release from Peter Hollo AKA Raven. As a bit of homework I’d recommend taking a second to google the name or Tangents or Fourplay String Quartet, to see just how mindblowingly extensive Peter’s history in Aus music has been since the 90s. Cool hey?

The latest release from Raven, The night is dark the night is silent, the night is light the night is loud, is an excursion in electronics based modern classical. Upon first listen, it’s really a lot of fun, the album manages to carve out a really enjoyable working space for Raven to create and explore the sounds they’re into. The mixture of ideas explored is really neat. On the one hand you’ve some great exploration of cello/piano glitching and looping and on the other really meticulously arranged classical coming from a tonne of different influences .

In terms of the cello electronics, the layering and intent of the motions are exciting. On the one hand you will have something that methodically adds up to a dense arrangement full of all these really cool little post rock style orchestrations driven by electro beats. Then you’ll have parts which kind of sit and meditate on glitching out the instruments to really explore the relationship between acoustic instrument and electronic manipulation.

One interesting thing is seeing how a obviously classical background operator approaches their sound. How although it is still existing in the realms of exploration and arrangement that noizers/droners/whatevers do. It’s very much the other side of the coin to people dealing in pure pulses, Like Oren Ambarchi and the like. It’s still very informed by a very musical intention which is probably a byproduct of working in the word of classical.It actually reminded me a lot of people Like Erik Friedlander’s collab work or Josef Van Zissem (I’m aware there are others who do electroacoustic more thoroughly in their work  than Van Zissem who are even cited as influences on this album, I’m just saying what it made me think of at first listen, don’t be a nerd about it).

Now with that, One thing that this person is unparalleled in their ability to do is dissect the fundamental components of the music that inspires them and add that to their pallette.

Look at the listed influences for the release and there’s mentions of things like four tet or tortoise or even the body, and yeah it’s all there and it’s a fun challenge to the listener to interpret where they think it pops up, and to interpret what it meant for them to incorporate those sounds, and what it means for you to incorporate yours. But i digress, the ideas seem to be reduced down to a purer element than their band origins, taken and explored in unison with multiple ideas like it that form the backbone of Raven’s creativity.

Like all good music, this one’s out through thee lovely Art as Catharsis. Be sure to give this one a listen.

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