Punk 4 The Homeless has been busy raising money for homeless children in Central America since January 2010 mostly through a monthly Punk (Benefit) Gig in Nottingham. The monies raised are channeled through Compass Children’s Charity which started as Casa Alianza UK in February 1999 to raise funds for programmes in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Casa Alianza was founded in response to the senseless death of one child – 13-year-old Nahamán Carmona López – a street child kicked to death in Guatemala City by four police officers who found him sniffing glue on the streets to combat his wracking hunger pains (1). This incident lies behind the P4TH slogan, ‘Stopping Cops Killing Kids Is Punk Rock’. In its 7th year Eagle and Rachel, the couple behind P4TH, put out a call for people to put together P4TH solidarity gigs and so in Norwich we are!!

Norwich P4TH Gig is going to be an extravagantly noisy evening featuring some of the best DIY punk bands around!! The whole thing kicks off at 7pm with an acoustic punk set by Dandelion Florence (at 7.15pm) followed by up and coming Garage/ Indie/Psychedelic/Noise Norwich band MARLA. Nottingham based hardcore punks Radioactive Rats make a welcome return to the city after their stunning set in April at The Owl Sanctuary. Female fronted punks from Norwich, Hotwired, play ahead of their gig supporting The Rezillos and the awesome Truth Equals Treason are making the trek down from Lincoln.

This will be good (if you like Punk! And a good cause regardless) with all profits making a positive difference in children’s lives, as T=T comment ‘Nothing will change until enough people give a shit…!’

P4TH Norwich Gig, 4th Nov. Gringos, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. 7PM.



(1) https://compasschildrenscharity.org.uk/about-us/

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