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On Cassette Store Day, 14 October 2017, the new album from Project Nefast will be out on Dutch cassette label Tartarus Records. The album consists of four minimalistic tracks with one simple message: existence means nothing, so don’t worry about it.

SEX MONEY POWER is a happy album”, according to Project Nefast “Our music stems from our common philosophy: existence is meaningless. As humans, we are intelligent enough to reason such ideas, but powerless in transcending them. We are and feel human. Give in to it. Enjoy the illusion, what you’re feeling and experiencing. Don’t worry about a larger whole that isn’t there. We express this in music you experience in the moment: noise, drone and repetition.”

“By the way, free will doesn’t exist either”

The comments about the video: “SEX MONEY POWER is a sort of trivial composition. Like the other tracks on the album, it is an exploration of the more mundane side of meaninglessness. Philosophical discussions on life’s significance often become so weighty and abstract – it gets boring. With this video I try to sketch a more relatable and concrete take on the theme. Although the composition is quite minimalistic, the sound is very rich to me. The video reflects my visual perception of what I’m hearing; it’s grainy and monochromatic. I like the noise, because it makes the mind make up all kinds of sensory ghosts – like seeing spots on a blank wall.”

For this occasion, Project Nefast curates a special night in dB’s, Utrecht, on November 3rd. Support comes from Willie Darktrousers en de Splinters (also Tartarus Records) and Holbeck. In addition, speakers and poets have been invited, and the Nefast trio will lead a collective drone performance with the support musicians and some guests.

Watch the premiere of the video for ‘SEX MONEY POWER’ here:


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