Shattering Light's Creation by Tyrannosorceress

Release date: June 23, 2017
Label: Tofu Carnage Records

Jurassic Park! Tyrannosorceress, the moniker of the Dallas based band, is let’s face it the most awesome name for a band ever conjured up, though sounding more like a psychedelic prog group from the 70s than a blackened death metal band from the heart of Texas. The five-piece boasts an impressive arsenal in three ex-members of death metal band Cleric, vocalist Zac Christian, bassist John Schiller and drummer Zach Jobin with the addition of guitarists Billy Baxter and Daniel Hearne.

Tyrannosorceress pack a furious bite, first controlling chaos with their tight playing through more melodic and mood setting parts, then tearing reality asunder with jaw-dropping drumming and a raging kick of venomous string-work. There is a cavernous, supreme sound about Tyrannosorceress, almost Sulphur Aeon-like in the way that they play, shifting from deep atonal ambiance to Cthulhu-raising fury, making the albums atmosphere feel like it’s being filtered through a cthonic void.

2011’s eponymous 15 minute demo is the only other release attached to the band and if you haven’t heard it go do so asap. It’s a more straight-up assault of earth-clattering cosmic black metal and though the band certainly haven’t dampened their fury they have since gained more depth to their soundscape. The big change after six years of honing their sound for debut album Shattering Light’s Creation is the inclusion of more doomy and as I previously mentioned, mood setting segments, which add a maturity and mystery to their occult presence.

Opening invocation ‘Haunting Black Infinity’ slowly draws you into its mystique with its contrasting crawling low guitar notes and melodic high tremolos gradually building to a stomping blast and shred section that livens up the ominous pace with a furor of repetitive hooks, which drag you blissfully through the cosmic maelstrom of the tracks eight minutes. ‘In the Light of the Sabbat Moon’ opens with weeping guitars crying a sorrowful tune. The guitar work shifts into a more expressive lament before pounding blast beats and dual low/high tremolo strings add a dark urgency to the songs pace, which grows with each surging riff. The song is perhaps three minutes too long and after several lengthy pieces a short burst of blackened death metal is just what we need in form of the title track. Falling just short of three minutes it begins very Akercocke-esque kicking off straight away with a deep crushing tight riff before unleashing a barrage of incessant blasting and clattering cymbals over speedy old school riffage. It’s the albums most straight-up devastating death metal track and flies by with satisfaction.

Tyrannosorceress play that wicked kind of black metal that’s very rarely just ‘straight-up’ but is instead a cacophonous hotpot of various inspirations and otherworldly delights. Songs can evoke utter darkness or the sublimely doomy. Take ‘The Call to Chaos’ and its monstrous blasting and booming hook-filled riffage tearing along with Lovecraftian fervour. The song transforms near the end into despairing Sabbath-esque drawn-out chords and the high-flying theatrics of fellow occult American’s Nightbringer.

One minor gripe may be that the songs are a tad on the lengthy side and the title track seems like a small fish in run-time compared to others, but certainly isn’t overshadowed. Song lengths do though suit this genre of sound because of the vastness and scope of creativity as well as the grandness of the production, all adding to the albums value as an entire vision. Released on the just as awesome sounding Tofu Carnage Records, Shattering Light’s Creation is a bold statement from a band sinking all teeth into their sound with carnivorous splendour. Like their name or not, one thing is for sure, Tyrannosorceress are deadly fucking serious.

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