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Vassafor is the sound of the space between the stars, the howling void into the abyss, the silence outside of time… Nothing could better illustrate the esoteric universe of this legendary entity which brilliantly captures the spirit of pure black and death metal in order to create a new sonic dimension.

The aptly-named new album Malediction consists of five long and immersive compositions, five perfectly-executed demonic masterpieces. As was the case on previous releases, the occult atmosphere and ancient ritualistic feeling on this monumental offering complement fast-paced and chaotic parts.

The music is both cosmic and purely bestial, all at once primitive and strangely psychedelic. This, combined with a black torrent of killer-riffs and the creative use of truly occult soundscapes, makes for a very strange and deeply disturbing experience.

There isn’t a single band on earth that sounds like Vassafor and this absolutely demented new album will leave an indelible scare in your bewitched mind.

Malediction will be released on Debemur Morti Productions on October 13th (October 20th in North America) and is available for pre-order on CDLP and digital download. Listen to the final album track ‘Illumination of the Sinister’ here:

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